Gain Elementary Access To Your True Source Of Healthcare

Enhanced Patient Experience

We believe that a trustworthy source of health advice at the time of need is crucial

We cater to your family’s health, not just yours

Multiple member profiles helps you handle your family’s primary care with comfort and efficiency.
Personalized profiles means personalized list of physicians and health records.
Star() your favorite physicians and stay updated on their availability.

How It Works

Create your account

A quick sign up with just your name and email address would do.

Find your physician

Its as easy as looking for a restaurant on Zomato. If your physician hasn’t signed up on ConsZap, you could send him an invite after logging in.

Book your slot

Pick a token if your physician has enabled the virtual clinic, if not pick a pre-defined time slot that is convenient. Providing information on your condition, medication or any allergies could help your doctor better understand your situation.

Settle the payment

Your appointment will be confirmed right after your payment is complete. In any case of your doctor declining the request, you will be reimbursed within 24-48 hours.

Attend the call

You'll receive an intimation few minutes before your doctor calls. You can also receive prescriptions and follow up suggestions from your doctor.


Patient Friendly Prescriptions

E-prescriptions are bound to be error free & help alleviate many risks associated with misreading & misunderstanding of medications.

Schedule And Connect

Reaching out to your doctor through ConsZap could be easier than stepping out on a sick day.

Some Personal Space

Virtual consultations with ConsZap go beyond just making a video call. We provide you with space for files, prescriptions and images.

Healthcare And Security

Our platforms are secure and coded to make sure your privacy is priority.